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Evening talk about Hapa Trail

Friday July 19, 6:30pm-8pm
Evening talk about Hapa Trail
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Admission: Free
Location: Koloa Neighborhood Center
3461B Weliweli Rd, Koloa
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Contact: 808-639-3248
Learn about the archaeological significance of Hapa Trail and the Ko‾loa Field System, the most significant and unique field system of all of Polynesia. From esteemed archaeologist Hal Hammett, presented by the Ko‾loa Community Association.

Hal Hammett will be preceded by Ted Blake (ED Ma‾lama Ko‾loa) will give an overview of the Kumulipo, the Hawaiian chant of the creation of the world; Ben Sullivan (Energy & Sustainability Coordinator, Kaua’i County) on the causes of the weather phenomenons beleaguering earth today; and Patrick Thesken, a fourth year University of Hawai’i Plant Production major on the nutrient cycle in the field system; all followed by Hal Hammatt on how Hawaiians through careful management of natural resources, sustained a large and thriving population not only from the land but from the sea also.
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