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Koloa Plantation Days festival, Kauai, Hawaii. Photo (c) Danny Hashimoto.
Board of Directors &
Planning Committee

Board of Directors
Phyllis Kunimura
Peter Baldwin
Arryl Kaneshiro
Board Member
Cheryl Shintani
Board Member
Bronson Ho
Board Member
Scotty Vidinha
Board of Directors
Jody Kjeldsen
Board Member
Valerie Roland
Board Member
Bertram Almeida
Board Member
Keith Smith
Board Member, Emeritus

Planning Committee Members
Melissa McFerrin Warrack
Planning Committee Chair & Event Coordinator
Scotty Vidinha & Peter Baldwin
Park Setup Coordinators
Bertram Almeida
Park Setup Assistant
Arryl Kaneshiro & Cheryl Shintani
Parade Coordinators
Vilia Shimamura
Entertainment Coordinator
Joe & Paulette Grace
Food Booth Coordinators
Vanessa Louis
Craft Booths Coordinator
Ada Koene
Book Coordinator
Tony Pajela
Security Coordinator

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Join the team to support Koloa Plantation Days!

Koloa Plantation Days is made possible by the dedication of volunteers from the community and the generosity of many individuals, businesses and entities who contribute each year. There are many ways to support this popular Kauai festival:
  • Sit on the committee
  • Volunteer your time at Koloa Plantation Days events
  • Make a deductible contribution
  • or donate an item to the silent auction.
To join in the fun, please contact us.